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Interface Asset - Twitter


    The Twitter Interface Asset (IA) retrieves the latest list of text and image-based tweets for a given search term.

    NOTE : There is a five minute delay between when a tweet appears on Twitter and when that tweet will appear in IntuiFace after a refresh of the Twitter interface asset.

    Video Example

    Properties, Triggers & Actions

    These properties are used to determine which tweets are returned by Twitter.


    • Search query   any string of text
    • Result type   the type of search results. Three options are available
      • Mixed   Include both popular and real time results
      • Recent   return only the most recent results
      • Popular   return only the most popular results
    • Result language filter   return only results in the language specified
    • Show replies   toggle whether to show replies in the search results
    • Tweet filter   applies a filter to search results based upon their content
      • All tweets   return both text and media tweets
      • Only with media   return only tweets containing images
      • Only with text   return only tweets containing pure text


    These properties are associated with each individual tweet returned by the search query. They are read-only and can only be accessed through the use of binding.

    • Author
      • User name   user name, preceded by the @ symbol
      • Profile name   full name
      • Profile image URL   image, if available
    • Original Author [contains values if tweet is a retweet]
      • User name   user name for original tweet, preceded by the @ symbol
      • Profile name   full name
      • Profile image URL   image, if available
    • Text   the tweet
    • Created at   posting time and date of the tweet
    • Elapsed time   time since tweet was posted
    • Media URL   URL for the image embedded in the tweet
    • is Reply   identifies whether the tweet is a reply. Value is either True or False
    • is Retweet   identified whether the tweet is a retweet. Value is either True or False
    • Tweet Count   number of tweets currently displayed in the feed



    • No media returned: Raised when the Twitter search returns no results.
    • Result found: Raised when the Twitter search returns one or more results.
    • Search in progress: Raised when the Twitter search is still in progress.



    • Get more tweets: Get the next ten tweets for the current search
    • New query: Enter new search term
      • Search query: the new search query
    • Update: Update the tweet list


    Data Template for the Twitter Interface Asset

    Any IntuiFace user can modify the default visual representation of the Twitter IA. This visual representation - specified by a data template - can access and manipulate all of the tweet properties listed above.

    Search query operators

    The query can have operators that modify its behavior, the available operators are:

    • watching now - containing both “watching” and “now”. This is the default operator.
    • “happy hour” - containing the exact phrase “happy hour”.
    • love OR hate - containing either “love” or “hate” (or both).
    • beer -root - containing “beer” but not “root”.
    • #haiku - containing the hashtag “haiku”.
    • from:alexiskold - sent from Twitter account“alexiskold”.
    • to:techcrunch - sent to person “techcrunch”.
    • @mashable - referencing person “mashable”.
    • superhero since:2015-07-19 - containing “superhero” and sent since date “2015-07-19” (year-month-day).
    • ftw until:2015-07-19 - containing “ftw” and sent before the date “2015-07-19”.
    • movie -scary :) - containing “movie”, but not “scary”, and with a positive attitude.
    • flight :( - containing “flight” and with a negative attitude.
    • traffic ? - containing “traffic” and asking a question.
    • hilarious filter:links - containing “hilarious” and linking to URL.
    • news source:twitterfeed - containing “news” and entered via TwitterFeed

    For more details about Twitter Search API, click here