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Interface Asset - Three Value Comparison


    The Three Value Comparison interface asset enables you to compare three values. Both text and numeric comparisons are possible. Your choice of operator - see below - will depend upon the comparison you would like to achieve.

    The following image shows an example of how one might use the Comparison interface asset.


    Properties, Triggers & Actions


    • Value A: the first value to compare
    • Value B: the second value to compare
    • Value C: the third value to compare
    • Operator: the operator to use

    The property below is a read-only property, thus only visible through a binding

    • Result: contains the result (true or false) of the comparison between value A and B using the selected operator.

    List of Operators:

    • Equals
    • Does not equal
    • Less than
    • Less than or equal to
    • Greater than
    • Greater than or equal to


    • Result changed
    • Result is false
    • Result is true


    There is one specific action for this interface asset.

    • Set all values: Sets value for A, B and C.

    In addition, the generic Set asset properties actions are available for the purpose of changing Value A, Value B, Value C and the Operator.


    Usage sample

    This Three Value Comparison is used in our Slot machine and the Multiple item scratchcard game samples to decide if the user has won or lost, depending of 3 input values.