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Interface Asset - Random from list


    The Random from list Interface Asset enables the random selection of an item from amongst a list of items. The list of possibilities is represented by a text-based list using a pre-defined character as a separator. If you are pulling these possibilities from an external source, like an Excel file, you can select your own separator to match your data.

    Properties, Triggers & Actions


    • Possible Values: the list of possible selections
    • Separator: the separator to use to split the list of possibilities.
    • Result: the randomly selected item


    Random from list

    • Value Changed: raised when the selected value has changed


    Those conditional triggers will be raised when the selected value has changed and the condition is true.

    • Value equals...
    • Value not equals...


    • Select a new value: selects a new value among the list of possibilities
    • Add an item: allows you to dynamically add items to the list of possibilities
    • Clear the list: empties the list of possibilities

    Usage sample

    Imagine you want to display a random quote in your space.

    • Add a Random from list Interface Asset.
    • Enter all the quotes in the "List of possibilities" property, separated by a semi-colon.
    • Add a Text asset and bind its text property to the Result property of the Random from list interface asset.
    • Call the Select a new value action, either from a user action like a button or using a timer.