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Interface Asset - QR Code

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    NOTE: The QR Code interface asset will only work on Windows PCs.

    The QR code Interface Asset (IA) is an "off-the-shelf" component of IntuiFace permitting the encoding of a given string into a QR code that can then be automatically rendered on screen.

    The input parameter of this Interface Asset is the text to be encoded. Although typically used to encode URLs, any text string can be processed.

    Any IntuiFace user can modify the visual representation of the QR Code IA. This visual representation - specified by a data template - can access and manipulate any of the properties listed later in this article


    Properties, Triggers & Actions


    • Text to encode, text containing the URL or text to be encoded as a QR code

    The property below is a read-only property, thus only visible through a binding

    • Generated QR code path, text containing the full path to the QR code image - a .png file - on your local filesystem. This value includes the name of the .png file itself and thus it can be used as the content value for an Image asset through binding.



    • Set Text to encode, sets the value of the parameter as the text to encode
      • Text to encode: the new text to encode as a QR code