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Interface Asset - Comparison


    The Comparison interface asset enables you to compare two values. Both text and numeric comparisons are possible. Your choice of operator - see below - will depend upon the comparison you would like to achieve.

    The following image shows an example of how one might use the Comparison interface asset.


    Properties, Triggers & Actions


    • Value A: the first value to compare
    • Value B: the second value to compare
    • Operator: the operator to use

    The property below is a read-only property, thus only visible through a binding

    • Result: contains the result (true or false) of the comparison between value A and B using the selected operator.

    List of Operators:

    • Equals
    • Does not equal
    • Less than
    • Less than or equal to
    • Greater than
    • Greater than or equal to
    • Starts with
    • Doesn't start with
    • Ends with
    • Does not end with
    • Contains
    • Does not contain
    • Matches: you must use a regular expression for the Value B property
    • Does not match: you must use a regular expression for the Value B property


    • Result changed
    • Result is false
    • Result is true


    There is one specific action for this interface asset.

    • Set both values: Sets value for both A and B.

    In addition, the generic Set asset properties actions are available for the purpose of changing Value A, Value B and the Operator.