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How to add MySQL database content using REST Interface Asset

The following article describes different ways to connect a REST Interface Asset with an SQL database.
Before proceeding, be sure to review Interface Asset general concepts and How to Create your own Interface Asset

NOTE: You must use Composer Premier or Enterprise to incorporate custom-built interface assets (IAs). Composer Free and Essential can open, run and edit experiences containing custom-built interface assets but cannot save those edits unless the custom interface assets are removed. The ability to add custom IAs and save changes to those experiences is a feature exclusive to Premier and Enterprise license levels.

What you need

  • A REST Interface Asset

An Interface Asset using the REST protocol needs only a descriptor file with an .ifd extension to be used in IntuiFace. No dll or other files are required. For a step by step description on now to create your own REST-based API please follow this link.

  • A service to expose MySQL database with REST services

There are several different existing solutions to expose MySQL database with REST services:

  1. MySQL HTTP Plugin
  2. Dream Factory for more "how to" details you can read the following Blog Article
  3. GitHub

You will have to implement a web service back-end on the top of your MySQL database that will be available for remote devices. The latest versions of MySQL (5.7+) brings an HTTP plugin that exposes the database entry as REST Web Services.Not only MySQL plugin, but any of our other previously proposed solutions will do. Once the web service is implemented, a simple REST IA connecting to it will do the job.