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Credential Key Creation and Management

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    Credential Keys can be used to permit access to different services available in the IntuiFace platform. In the context of credential keys, we refer to these services as "scopes":

    When creating a credential key, make sure you select the right scope.

    You can create as many keys as you want; you can have multiple keys for the same combination of scopes. This is particularly helpful when you're managing multiple clients and/or multiple projects with their own unique set of scope entitlements.

    Create a new credential key

    • Go to your Credential keys page.
    • Click on Create new credential key then
      • Give a name and a description for this key
      • In the Scope section, select the services you want to associate with the key
      • Click on Create


    Once created, you can:

    • edit it and change the name, description and scope
    • temporarily deactivate it
    • delete it
    • regenerate a new key with the same information.