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Using the visual tag sensors on the Samsung SUR40

NOTE: This article references now discontinued capability. It is kept here for legacy reasons only. The mechanism one should now use to capture information collected by the SUR40 can be found here.

Visual tags on the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense enables IntuiFace users to trigger actions based on the screen placement of physical items. One example for how this might be used: advancing your experience to a specific scene based on the tag ID.

Working With Visual Tags

Visual tags are available as triggers. These triggers are located in the Tags category of triggers for a scene (see below).


Refer to this page for an introduction to the concept of triggers and actions.

The three Visual Tag triggers are

  • Visual tag down   a recognized visual tag is put down and detected by the sensor
  • Visual tag move   a recognized visual tag is detected to be in motion by the sensor
  • Visual tag up   a recognized visual tag is picked up and no longer detected by the sensor

Each trigger has

  • one configurable parameter - Tag ID - used to specify the ID of the tag that will trigger the selected action.
  • four read-only properties - X, Y, Orientation, Tag ID - you can bind to actions. Use these parameters to, for example, display a Circular Panel-based menu that "follows" a moving visual tag.