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Work with fonts

Any TTF font or OTF font installed on a Windows PC can be used by Composer in both Simple Text and Rich Text assets.

There is no need to preinstall fonts used by the Simple Text asset on target devices. The only exception are fonts whose license forbid to embed them in an experience to be used on another Device. In this particular case, you need to install the font manually.

Fonts used by the Simple Text asset are stored within the experience's project file structure. As a result, experiences are published, shared and deployed with all TTF and OTF fonts used by the Simple Text asset. This applies to all Player platforms: Windows, iPad, Android, Chrome OS, Samsung SSP.


  1. This support does not apply to the Rich Text asset. Fonts used in the Rich Text asset must be preinstalled on a device in order for them to be accessible to IntuiFace Player.
  2. Only embeddable fonts can be published by IntuiFace. Any font whose "Font embeddability" property is set to "Restricted license" will have to proactively installed by the font owner.