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Upgrade from Version 4.5.2 to Version 4.6 of the .NET Framework on a Windows PC

Windows PC's running Version 4.5.2 of the .NET Framework must be upgraded to Version 4.6. IntuiFace Composer and Player for Windows require use of the Microsoft .NET Framework. Version 4.5.2 of the Framework contains a bug affecting the ability of IntuiFace to work with high performance touch displays.

To upgrade from Version 4.5.2 of the .NET Framework to Version 4.6:

  1. Apply all updates proposed by Microsoft. This may require you to repeatedly run Windows Update, accessible via Control Panel-> Windows Update -> Check for updates
  2. Make sure all updates are installed. This may require more than one Windows restart.
  3. Finally, download and run the .NET Framework Version 4.6 installer as provided by Microsoft.

This will install Version 4.6 of the .NET Framework, enabling full use of IntuiFace and high quality performance across all touch screens.