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Upgrade Composer to Remove the Watermark From Play Mode

The IntuiFace icon is overlaid on every experience run from within Composer Free. This watermark, located towards the lower right-hand corner of a running experience, will appear whether that experience was created using Composer Free or created using Composer Essential, Premier or Enterprise and then opened in Composer Free.

Removal of the watermark requires an upgrade of Composer Free to Composer Essential, Premier or Enterprise:

  1. Purchase a Composer Essential, Premier or Enterprise license key.
  2. Run Composer - if not already running - using its desktop shortcut or the Windows Start menu. The Experiences panel is displayed.
    The Experiences panel will not be displayed if you run Composer by double-clicking on a .ifx project file. In this case, jump to the 3rd step below.
  3. Create or open a project. Either option will suffice.
  4. Select the menu option Help -> Logout then confirm your desire to logout by clicking the OK button in the pop-up window that appears.
  5. Follow either of the two processes here for activating a paid Composer license.

Now your existing experiences and all future experiences can be played without a visible watermark.


  • See our complete list of limitations for unlicensed products to understand all restrictions experienced by an unlicensed Composer and Player
  • To remove the watermark from experiences running in Player, Player must also have a paid license.
  • Experiences created using Composer Free can only be opened by other instances of Composer Free or unlicensed installations of Player. Composer Essential, Composer Premier, Composer Enterprise and paid Players cannot open Composer Free experiences.
    • EXCEPTION: If Composer Free is licensed to become Essential, Premier or Enterprise, any experience edited on the same PC using Composer Free can be opened.