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Send content to a printer

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    IntuiFace does not include the ability to send images, documents, etc. to a printer. This is mainly because each make/model of printer can have its own unique set of constraints for parameters like form factors and printing options.

    In addition, with the increasing preference of digital distribution over physical print-outs, we have focused our effort on digital sharing approaches like email with attachments and saving files to a USB drive.

    However, certain scenarios still require the printing of content at the kiosk / device location. We present two solutions below to address this usage.

    Solution One: Print-by-email

    Certain printers support a print-by-email service. If your printer supports print-by-email then you can use IntuiFace's Share via Email capability to forward select content - i.e. any item in the sharing queue - as email attachments to that printer. Configuration of this method depends entirely upon your particular printer.

    If your printer doesn't have such a feature, there are third party solutions that can grab an email and communicate directly with your PC's printer driver.

    Solution Two: Custom Interface Asset

    For those who have a more advanced and / or specific need, you can create your own Interface Asset to add a printing feature to your IntuiFace experience.

    An example is for those who want to print tickets. This is a pretty uncommon format for classic printers so using your own piece of code will enable you to create the necessary layout before sending the adequate commands to your printer.

    If you pursue the custom interface asset option, consider sharing your lessons learned with the IntuiFace User Community or even publishing and sharing a project demonstrating its use via the IntuiFace Marketplace.