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Roll Back After an Upgrade of Composer

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you backup entire projects before upgrading Composer to ensure retention of all content.

Whenever an experience is saved using an upgraded version of Composer, your project's *.ifx file is copied into a new file before being replaced. The resulting file enables you to rollback Composer in case you decide you don't wish to use the update.

[For a look at how IntuiFace projects are stored and structured, see this article.]

After using an upgraded version of Composer to save your project...

  • Your original .ifx file is renamed .ifx.backup_[6.x]. The trailing number matches the version number of Composer used to build it. For example, when upgrading from Version 5.0 to Version 5.1 or 6.0, the original .ifx file would be renamed to .ifx.backup_[5.x]".

To roll back Composer and your experience:

  1. Go to the IntuiFace Downloads page and download the Composer or Player installer for the original version you migrated from.
  2. Uninstall the newer version of Composer.
  3. Install the older Composer you downloaded in Step 1.
  4. Browse to your project folder, make a copy of the beforeupdate / backup file and rename it so it just ends with .ifx
    • You'll need to rename the upgraded .ifx as well so it doesn't match the name of the backup version you will be using.
  5. Open the *.ifx file with the older version of Composer you have just installed. You're back to work!
  6. Don't forget to roll back Player as well if you have installed it on other PCs.

Remember that the above process protects only the original *.ifx file at the time of the upgrade. If you make additional changes to a project using the upgraded version of Composer, a roll back to the older version will lose all of those additional changes.