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Reuse an Interface Asset from a Marketplace Experience

Table of Contents

    For Single Project Use

    The simplest approach to reusing an Interface Asset located within an experience downloaded from the IntuiFace Marketplace is to copy/paste between two instances of Composer

    You can either copy the Interface Asset itself as shown in the picture below,


    or copy one or more assets / collections / scenes that access the Interface Asset through a property, trigger or action binding. This will copy the Interface Asset as well as the visual elements, asindicated in the picture below.


    For Access Across Projects in Composer

    If you want an Interface Asset such as the Shopping List Interface Asset to be available for use in all your projects, via Composer's Interface Assets panel, follow this procedure:

    • Download the sample that contains the Interface Asset you want to add into your Composer
    • Close Composer.
    • Use File Explorer to open the project location {My Documents}\IntuiFace\{SampleName} then copy the Interface Assets folder located in Files\InterfaceAssets
    • Paste this folder into {My Documents}\IntuiFace\Interface Assets.
    • Open Composer.

    The Interface Asset is now available in your Interface Assets panel and can be accessed across all of your projects.