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Rename an experience

    To change the name you see in the Experiences panel of Composer and Player

    This is the name one would see, for example, when sharing an experience with a colleague or client.

    1. Open your experience in Composer.
    2. Select the menu option Project -> Project Settings
    3. Enter a new experience name in the Name field and then click the Ok button.

    To change the underlying file name

    To change the file name of an experience, you must use Composer. Do not attempt to change the name manually via Windows Explorer.

    • Load your experience into Composer.
    • Use the File -> Save As... menu option to create a new instance of your project. Assign that project a new name. . Beware this may take some time (and space on your hard disk) as all graphic media will be copied to the new experience.

    Once completed, you can delete the original experience from the file system.