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Optimize performance on 3M multi-touch displays (before 4.0.2)

NOTE: This article only applies to the use of IntuiFace Version 4.0.1 or earlier. Starting with Version 4.0.2, IntuiFace's HID protocol support equals to or surpasses that of its support for 3M's native driver.

3M provides high quality multi-touch displays of different sizes.These multi-touch displays are Windows 7 compliant and work out of the box with IntuiFace.

Improve multi-touch performance on 3M displays

To create a better user experience and to dramatically enhance the touch performance of 3M displays, we recommend you make the following adjustments. They must be applied on every computer on which you have installed either IntuiFace Composer or Player:

  • Install the MT7 driver provided by 3M for the multi-touch display. You can download it from http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/TouchSystems/TouchScree...
  • In the directory where Composer or Player is installed - usually under C:\Program Files\Intuilab\IntuiFace4\Composer or C:\Program Files\Intuilab\IntuiFace4\Player - modify the file named inputdevicesconfiguration.xml with your preferred text editor. Uncomment the section related to the 3M device (at the end of the file) so that it looks like the following:
  <!-- use a 3M device through the MT7 driver -->
  <Device Id="3" Type="3MMT7" Name="3MMT7">
   <Param Name="Screen" Value="0" />
   <Param Name="Period" Value="33" />

Please note that you will need to have Administrator rights to modify this configuration file. You will also need to reapply this modification after every re-installation or update of IntuiFace Composer or Player.