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Modify asset shadows in a scene or pinboard

    Asset shadows

    Movable assets (i.e. any asset whose container is set to either pin or free) can have a shadow when moved in either Composer's Preview Mode or at run time using Player. With the shadow, designers can create a sense of depth.

    The shadow option is a property set at the [Scene] and Pinboard level in the Appearance tab of Properties panel. The default value is None, meaning no shadow will appear. (Prior to IntuiFace Version 3.6, the default value was Rectangular.)

    There are two shadow options: Rectangle and Drop shadow.

    • Rectangle creates a rectangular, transparent grey shadow. For images and Flash animations with transparency - the shadow will still occupy a rectangular region.
    • Drop shadow creates a shadow conforming to irregular shapes.

    The figures below show the application of a shadow to irregularly shaped figures - in this case, images with transparency.

    None (No shadow) none.png

    Rectangle (Rectangular shadow) rectangle.png

    Drop shadow drop-shadow.png

    Modifying the shadow setting for a Scene or Pinboard

    To change the shadow setting for all assets on a given Scene or Pinboard:

    1. Select the [Scene][] or the Pinboard containing the asset
    2. Open the Properties --> Appearance tab
    3. For the property Item shadow effect select either
      • None
      • Rectangle
      • Drop shadow

    Note: The Drop shadow option may impact performances depending on your PC's graphic card.