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Manually deploy (or copy or transfer) an experience

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    Deployment is the act of placing an IntuiFace experience on one or more devices in a live environment and then running it with IntuiFace Player. This article discusses the manual approach to deployment.

    • For those with Composer Free, Composer Essential or Composer Premier accounts, these manual approaches are the ones you would use for deployment.
    • For those with a Composer Enterprise account, there is also an automated remote deployment option. See this article for information about using the Share and Deploy console for automating remote deployment.

    NOTE: Experiences cannot be exported into other formats - like Adobe Flash - or hosted on webpages. Experiences can only be run by Player or by the embedded version of Player inside Composer.

    Manually deploying published experiences to Player on any platform

    To manually deploy a published experience onto a device running Player for Windows, Player for Tablets or Player for Kiosks:

    1. If you haven't done so already, publish the latest version of your experience using Composer.
    2. On each device in the live environment, start Player if it isn't already running.
    3. Open your experience in Player
      • If the Player license is associated with the same IntuiFace account as the one used to publish the experience in Step 1 above, follow the instructions here to open the experience
      • If the Player license is associated with an IntuiFace account different from the one used to publish the Experience
        • The account used to publish the experience must first share that experience with the new IntuiFace account.
        • The owner of the Player account then follows the directions here.

    Manually deploying unpublished experiences to Player for Windows

    [This process talks about Player but can be used with Composer as well.]

    To manually deploy an unpublished experience - perhaps no Internet connection is available - onto a device running Player for Windows:

    1. Browse to your project using File Explorer, zip it into an archive file and put it on a USB memory key. For a review of what an IntuiFace project looks like, see this article
      • You don't have to zip your project; you could just copy/paste the project in its entirety. The zip file just reduces the size during transfer.
      • If the destination PCs are able to access a networked drive, you could just put a copy of your project on the networked drive.
    2. Copy your project onto each PC that will be running Player (or Composer) then unzip.
      • If on a networked drive, you don't technically have to create a local copy. However, you don't want multiple Players using the same instance of a project.
    3. In the Player (or Composer) Experiences panel, on the "My Experiences" tab, select the "Select a project" option and browse to the .ifx file in your project.

    Manually deploying unpublished experiences to Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks

    To deploy an unpublished experience to an iPad, Android or Chrome, use Preview Mode. Preview Mode is not available for the Samsung SMART Signage Platform.