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How to play Web-hosted games in IntuiFace


    Web-hosted games - like Fruit Slice - can be played in an IntuiFace experience through use of the Web Browser Asset. To ensure a good gaming experience, specific properties need to be set accordingly.


    • Only single touch games are supported.
    • Due to cross-site scripting, some games will not work on Player for iPad and Android.
    • Due to HTML5 limitations and the inability to incorporate browser plug-ins, some games will not work on any Player platform.

    Setting the Web Browser asset's interaction mode

    Add a Web Browser asset to your experience and make sure it is selected in the scene.

    • Click the Show All Properties button.
    • Select the Behavior tab.
    • Set Interaction mode to "Map pan and zoom".


    Hiding unwanted Web content

    You may want your users to have a distraction-free gaming experience, requiring content on the same webpage hosting the game to be hidden.

    To achieve this, place the Web Browser asset inside a Group collection and resize the Group's frame so only the game is visible. In a sense, you are using the Group frame as a cropping tool

    • Before


    • After


    Examples of Web-hosted games that can be played with IntuiFace