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How to migrate from Dropbox to IntuiFace Cloud Storage

As indicated here, our Dropbox support ended 28-Sep-2017. The following article describes how to migrate your already published experiences from Dropbox to IntuiFace Cloud Storage.

Step 1: Change the default experience storage connector to IntuiFace Cloud Storage

  1. Open the Share and Deploy Console and click the red Storage Settings button.

  2. Click on the image for IntuiFace Cloud Storage and select the option "Set as default"

NOTE: Setting IntuiFace Cloud Storage as the default storage option ensures all experiences not currently published will be published to that storage.

Step 2: Migrate your published experiences from Dropbox to IntuiFace Cloud Storage

IMPORTANT: Before deleting anything on your Management Console, make sure you have a local copy of all your Experiences.

  • If the experience is already on your PC, you don't have to download it again.
  • If the experience is not on your PC, go to your Dropbox account and manually copy all the files in Apps\IntuiFace to your local drive.

Then you can republish these experiences on your new cloud storage:

  1. Open Management Console, click your experience in the list of published experiences, and then delete it from storage.

  • This step "unpublishes" an experience. You must first unpublish before you can publish to a new storage environment.
    1. Back in Composer, publish your downloaded experience. It will now be uploaded to IntuiFace Cloud Storage.
    2. Repeat this process for each experience currently published to Dropbox.

If you encounter any migration issues, contact Support at support.intuilab.com.