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How to create scrollable text

This article describes how to create scrollable text in IntuiFace. Scrollable text is text that overfills its container, requiring a drag (of mouse or finger) to move additional text into view.


The assets we will use:

In the following example we create vertically scrolling text.

  1. Add an empty Scroll Collection into your scene.

    The Asset Grid collection will be your scrollable text zone.

    (Click to enlarge)

  2. Add a Text Asset onto the scene and paste your text into it. Resize it vertically so it will display all of your text.

    (Click to enlarge)

  3. Put the Text asset inside the Scroll Collection and then resize the Scroll Collection so it is as wide as the Text Asset and as tall as the amount of text you wish to reveal without scrolling.

    (Click to enlarge)
  4. Set the "Scroll direction" property of the Scroll Collection to "Vertical".


You now have vertically scrollable text. Enter Composer's Play Mode to see it in action.