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How to create a style sheet scene

    Thanks to Binding mechanisms within IntuiFace, you can create a "Graphic Referencet" scene for a given project in which you can preset the visual properties of your Experience.

    Consider one scene of your experience as a "Graphic Reference" scene in which you will have all the graphical parameters. When you change one property in the Graphic Reference scene, the properties of the assets all over your project will change as well, meaning you will spend less time editing different scenes of your experience (changing colors, fonts, etc.)

    1) Create a new Scene and define what you want to dynamically change in your experience. Let's call this scene "Graphic Reference". When ready, duplicate the Graphic Reference scene.

    2) The duplicated scene will serve as a template for all your next scenes. Start by Binding your elements to the assets in the "Graphic Reference" scene.

    3) After binding all the elements you want to dynamically change, create as many Scenes you need in your project by duplicating the "template" scene.

    To see the theory in action, you can download a sample experience here.