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How to create a Quiz from an Excel File

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    This article describes how we created a quiz in IntuiFace through the use of an Excel file. You can download the Quiz experience here

    This projects uses the following concepts:


    To locate the Excel file, unzip the Quiz experience and open the folder Quiz-Model_files, then Interface Assets, then Quiz-Model_xlsx. Here you will see the file Quiz-Model.xlsx.

    This Excel file contains the following information:

    • Question Number: could be displayed as a header of your question group
    • Question: the question itself
    • Answer A -- D: the different available answers. In this sample we allowed a maximum of 4 answers. If you need more, just add a column.
    • Points A -- D: the points given per answer. Basically, a wrong answer is worth 0 points while a good answer is worth 1 point. You could imagine several good answers or particular answers giving more points.
    • A -- D visible: if you don't have 4 answers for a certain question, just hide them by setting the corresponding cell in these columns to false.

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    The End line contains text displayed while the Questions collection (implemented as a Flip Chart here) is hidden. To do that we used the Reached Index trigger of the Flip Chart:

    When [Index 11] of the [Questions Flipchart] is reached Then hide the [Questions Flipchart] and show the [Quiz completed group] (see below)

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    You can also download our full sample available on our Marketplace