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How to add 360° content

Table of Contents

    The following article lists available methods for displaying and interacting with 360° content in your IntuiFace experience.

    Web Browser 360° content

    Many Web components enable you to display and interact with 360° panorama (e.g. from krpano) and 3D content without requiring the installation of a dedicated plug-in.

    To manipulate this kind of content on a touch display, simply run it using the Web Browser Asset

    The Web Browser Asset does not accept third-party plug-ins so content requiring such a plug-in cannot be hosted in IntuiFace. Rather, you would need to run your content in a third party application as discussed below.

    360° Video using the YouTube Asset

    IntuiFace enables you to play 360° videos hosted on YouTube using the YouTube Asset.

    Set the container of the YouTube asset to static to properly manipulate the 360° video.


    NOTE: 360° YouTube videos are supported only on Windows devices.

    360° Flash content

    Images captured using a Ricoh Theta camera or similar may be converted into Flash and embedded into a running IntuiFace experience using the Flash Animation Asset

    NOTE: Flash content only works on Windows devices.The Flash Animation Asset only supports a single touch-point. Multi-touch interactions are not possible.

    See this article for Flash content installation requirements.

    Use 360° content rendered from third party applications

    A running experience can have a transparent background. The transparent background permits interaction with applications running independent of IntuiFace Player.

    You can use the Launch Application Action to launch your third party application, combined with a transparent Player background.

    This will enable you to use your own 360° content rendering application while having IntuiFace as a frame for restricting access to other applications (or the desktop) on the device.