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Fix critical error when attempting to run Composer or Player after installation

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    Several known Windows operating system issues can prevent IntuiFace from running properly.
    They are listed below with corresponding solutions.

    Case 1: Pending Updates for Microsoft Windows


    This issue is known to happen on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 after some Windows updates have been applied, but with remaining pending windows updates.

    Attempts to run Composer or Player fail due to a "critical error", or Composer will not launch at all. Player may launch, but if the experience includes web browser assets, 3D assets or Youtube assets, these assets may display a "No Web engine loaded error message.


    • Close Composer.
    • Apply all remaining windows updates. See instructions here.
    • Open Composer.

    Case 2: Performance Counter issue


    Attempts to run Composer or Player fail due to a "critical error", or the program will not launch at all.

    Solution One: Install IntuiFace using an account with administrator rights

    If you've installed IntuiFace and encountered this error, just reinstall IntuiFace using an account with administrator rights. The Windows OS error will be corrected automatically.

    Solution Two: Manually correct Windows OS error

    NOTE: The fix summarized below requires access to an account on your PC with administrator rights and manipulation - indirectly - of the Windows registry. If you don't have the ability to use such an account rights or feel uncomfortable with registry manipulation, contact your IT Support team and share the information below.

    The manual correction targets corruption of registry-based Windows performance counters. The process below will reinitialize Windows performance counters on your PC and should eliminate the critical error.

    1. Run a command line window in Administrator mode
      • Type cmd in the Windows search menu, right-click on the cmd reference in the search results and select the menu option Run as administrator.
    2. Run this DOS command: lodctr /R


    Attempts to run IntuiFace Composer or Player should now be successful.

    Diagnosing Corrupt Performance Counters

    If you would prefer to first verify that corrupt performance counters are indeed the cause, you need to scan Windows log events for a particular error:

    • Open Windows log events (you need administrative rights):
      • Windows Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer -> Windows Logs
      • Double-click Application (see below; click image to enlarge)

    • On the right side of the Event Viewer, select Find and search for the following string:
      The type initializer for 'Microsoft.Surface.PerformanceCounters' threw an exception. Cannot load Counter Name data because an invalid index '' was read from the registry.
      It would be listed with a Level of Error.
    • If you find this error, you need to reinitialize Windows performance counters on your PC as explained above.