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Create a menu for your Experience

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    To add a global menu in your experience that will let the user navigate through all the scenes, the easiest solution is to use an Experience layer combined with Buttons or Toggle Buttons.
    The advantage of the Toggle buttons will be to give a feedback to the user of which scene is currently displayed.


    How it works

    Let's take the example used in the Company Presentation sample.

    • Add a foreground experience layer.
    • Add as many Toggle buttons as scenes you want the user to be able to navigate to.
    • On each button:
      • add an Is checked trigger -> Go to scene action
      • check the property Member of Toggle set and add them to the same set, for ex: "Menu"
    • Check the property Is checked of the button corresponding to the first scene to be displayed when the experience is started.
    • If you have an Intro / Attract loop scene on which you don't want to display this menu, you can unselect your menu layer from the Included experience layers property of this scene.



    Download the Company Presentation sample to see this in action.

    Based on the same principle, you can design any type of menu, using dropdown lists if you have a complex structure.