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Create a drop down selection list


    This article details how to create a drop down / combobox selection list within IntuiFace Composer.

    In the video below we show the addition of only 3 elements to the selection list. You can of course have more elements than that and - even better - use an external data source like an Excel file to fill that list dynamically.

    Video Example


    Add the following assets / collections into the scene

    • Add 2 Text assets
      • 1 used as a label
      • 1 that will contain the user choice
    • Add a Button directly on top of the second Text asset - the one that will contain the user's selection - and make it transparent (i.e. set its Opacity property to 0). It will be used to open the drop down list over the text.
    • Add an Asset Grid filled with as many buttons as there will be choices in the list. These buttons should have the same size and shape as the button placed on top of the second Text asset.
      • Hide the asset grid.

    Then add the following triggers and actions:

    • For the transparent button placed over the second Text asset, combine the Is released trigger with the Show action for the Asset Grid collection.
    • For each button in the Asset Grid, combine the Is released trigger with the following actions
      • Set text to the text of the button just pressed and released
      • Hide the Asset Grid collection