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Copy Content from Microsoft PowerPoint into Composer

    Sometimes you don't need to import an entire PowerPoint presentation or to convert that entire presentation into a document. It may be enough to just extract individual elements.

    Copy PowerPoint Media

    Copy any item in a PowerPoint presentation and paste it into an IntuiFace experience as an image that can be treated like any other Image asset. Regardless of what you copy, PowerPoint places an image of that item into the Windows Clipboard. For example you can copy/paste:

    • Individual text boxes and pictures included in a specific slide
    • All slide contents a single PowerPoint slide
    • All slides in the slide sorter view

    In each case, the result is represented in IntuiFace Composer by a single Image asset located in the Content Library. This means, for example, that copying a video embedded in a PowerPoint slide deck will still result in an image pasted into an IntuiFace experience.

    Copy PowerPoint Text

    As noted above, copying the text container in PowerPoint and pasting it into an IntuiFace experience will paste it as an image. (This is what PowerPoint places into the clipboard.) To paste as text:

    • In PowerPoint, copy the text inside the container, not the container itself.
    • Then either
      • Paste this text into the Text property of the Simple Text asset, located in the Properties panel.
      • Paste this text directly into the Rich Text asset in the scene.

    Using either method it may be necessary to adjust font color, size, etc.