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Copy an item from one scene to another

    If you want to use the same item in a number of scenes it is much quicker and easier to create the item once and then copy it to the other scenes than to fully recreate the item in each new scene

    This is particularly true for more complex items such as navigation buttons ("Next" buttons for example) which require several steps to set up but have an identical look, position and behavior in different scenes

    When you copy an item to a new scene it keeps all the properties of the original item - dimensions, position, color, label, action (for trigger items), . . .

    1) Select and copy the item:

    From the Scene Structure panel or directly from the main Scene, select the item and hit <Ctrl> <C> to copy it.

    2) Paste the item into another scene:

    Select a destination scene in the Scenes Panel, then hit <Ctrl> <V>.
    An exact copy of the item is pasted into the new scene

    3) Repeat step 2 as many times as necessary if you want to copy the same item to other scenes.

    4) Hit <F5> to see the result of your modifications.