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Constrain scroll of panoramic images to only one direction


    Panoramic images - i.e. images whose pixel dimensions exceed the dimensions of your display - can be used in any IntuiFace experience. This article discusses how to constrain the movement of such images to just one axis - i.e. to just the X or Y direction.

    Constraining Image Movement to X or Y Axis

    To constrain movement of an image to the horizontal (x) or vertical (y) axis, use the Move direction property located in the "Constraints" section of the "Container behavior" property group. Choose between "All directions", "Horizontal" and "Vertical".

    NOTE: The Move direction property is only visible if Allow move is enabled.

    Panoramic Image for Practice

    Below you will find a sample panoramic image:

    (click to enlarge)


    NOTE: The image quality in Composer's Edit Mode will be lower than the quality you see in Play Mode. This is because Edit Mode reduces image quality to maximize use of available system resources. See this article for more information.