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Communicate with devices through a serial port

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    Before proceeding, be sure to review Interface Asset general concepts and our introduction to creating your own interface asset. Treat these articles as prerequisites to the content below.

    NOTE: To create your own interface asset, you will need the Enterprise Edition of IntuiFace Composer.


    Assuming you already know how to develop your own .NET Interface Asset, you will see in this example how IntuiFace can communicate with any device connected through a serial port using the RS232 standard. As a bonus, some USB devices still emulate a COM port and thus also use RS232, meaning this article will apply to them as well.

    You can find the source code here and the sample experience here.

    NOTE: The source code is provided as-is without any warranty. Feel free to upgrade the code and share it with the IntuiFace Community.


    At IntuiLab we have used this kind of interface asset with the following devices:

    • barcode scanner: A trigger is raised every time some data is read on the serial port

    • Arduino-driven car: Use your multi-touch screen to drive the car and give it orders using the Send action