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Add assets to your experience

    Assets are the various media elements used in your experiences. They can be of different types (including images, videos and documents...). In Composer, an asset is comprised of a type-specific container and, optionally, a reference to actual content. Without a reference to actual content, an asset is simply a placeholder.

    There are two methods for adding assets into your experience:

    • you can add assets already associated with specific content

    • you can add asset containers and then assign content afterwards

    Let's go through these two methods...

    Add an asset with content

    from the Content Library

    1. Import the content you want to use if it is not already available in the Content Library.

    2. Locate the media you wish to include in the list of available content

    3. Do one of the following:

    • left-click+drag the selected content into the active Scene

    • double-click the content item in the Content Library list

      An asset with content is added to the Scene

    NOTE: You can drag files and folders directly into your Scene from Windows Explorer. This new content is added both to the Scene and to the Content Library at the same time.

    Add an empty asset container and then assign content

    1. from the Insert menu or from the toolbox sidebar
      Select the desired asset type. An empty asset is added to the active scene.

    2. in the Scene
      Select the asset if it is not already selected.

    3. in the Properties panel
      Select the desired content from the dropdown menu