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Add a "Next" button to go to the next scene

    Imagine you have created a number of scenes in your experience but no navigation controls

    If you hit <F5> you'll realize that you are stuck in the current scene with no way to go to the other scenes!

    Let's see how we can add some navigation capabilities to your Project with "Next" buttons . . .

    1) in the Scenes Panel
    Select the scene where you want to create the "Next" button (_supposing the project has two or more scenes!_)

    2) from the Insert menu or from the Assets panel
    Select the Button option
    A button asset is added to the space

    3) Give your button a label
    - in the main Scene or in the Scene Structure panel
    Select the button if it is not already selected
    - in the Properties panel
    Select the "Text" tab, in the Text field change the default label (Button), with the word "Next" and modify the Font size property (to 40 for example) as per the screenshot below:


    4) Select your Button and click the add a Trigger* in the Triggers and Actions panel by default located at right side of the IntuiFace Composer Interface. When the button is released (Trigger), choose the Next navigation action as per the screenshot below:


    5) Customize the transition effect between spaces:

    • Modify the Transition and Direction properties if you want to define a new transition effect between your scenes.
    • Click the Show Timing and Animation if you'd like to modify the speed of this transition.
    • Close the Triggers and Actions window

    6) Test your new action button

    • Hit <F5> to run your presentation from the current scene
    • Click the "Next" button

    The next scene is displayed...