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Tutorial Part Two: Add an Image

In this section you will overcome the fear of a blank page and start to create something meaningful.

  1. Import content into the Content Library.
    • We are going to add an image into the Biography scene.
    • Use the blue ribbon to display the Content Library. Click the "Import files" button and browse to the folder you downloaded and unzipped at the beginning of this tutorial. Inside that folder is a folder named 2 - Biography. Open that folder as well..

    • Inside the 2 - Biography folder are four images, a pdf document and a video. Left click the first of these six items and then, while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, select the sixth item. What we're doing is selecting all six items for import. When all six are highlighted, click the Open button. Note how all six items are now listed in the Content Library.

  2. Add an image to the scene.
    • Left-click-and-drag Tim-Burton-portrait.png from the Content Library to anywhere in the scene - the empty white canvas in the middle of Composer - then let go of your mouse button. You should now see a picture of Tim Burton in the scene.


  3. Impress yourself by becoming a multi-touch expert.
    • Click the Play button at the top of Composer. The scene has now filled your display which means, in this case, your entire screen is blank except for the image of Tim Burton.
    • If you have a touchscreen, attempt to move, increase the size, decrease the size and rotate the image with your fingers. If you don't have a touchscreen, use your mouse to move and spin the image. Thanks to Composer, this image - just a boring .png file - is now fully interactive.

  4. Return to Edit Mode.
    • Press the Esc button on your keyboard to get back into Composer's Edit Mode.

You can now proceed to Part Three of this tutorial.