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Using touch displays that don't support Windows-compliant drivers

[This article is specific to Player for Windows and Composer.]

IntuiFace natively supports the Windows HID for Multi-Touch protocol. Display drivers using this protocol are said to be Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 compliant. In our experience, the majority of touch displays use Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 compliant drivers. In fact, if a touch display is "Windows plug-and-play" you can be sure it will work with IntuiFace.

With additional configuration, IntuiFace also supports TUIO 1.0 with the /tuio/2Dcur profile.

Working with TUIO 1.x using the /tuio/2Dcur profile

To enable TUIO support, use a simple text editor to modify the Topology and Device sections in the inputdevicesconfiguration.xml file found in the IntuiFace Player and Composer installation directories. You need to make this change for each instance of Composer and Player connected to a TUIO device. These changes will not take effect until Composer and/or Player are restarted.

Topology section

Enter the display resolution to which the TUIO events will be mapped.


    <Display Id="0" Type="Screen">

       <Param Name="Top" Value="0" />
       <Param Name="Left" Value="0" />
       <Param Name="Width" Value="1920" />
       <Param Name="Height" Value="1080" />



Device section

Uncomment the section for ID=0 then update the Screen and Port parameters. The default values - 0 for Screen and 3333 for Port - are correct for most TUIO-based devices. (Just leave the IP value set to "any".)

<Device Id="0" Type="TUIO" Name="TUIO">

  <!-- Screen attached to our TUIO device -->
  <Param Name="Screen" Value="0" />

  <!-- IP address used to receive TUIO messages: an IPv4 address in dotted-decimal notation (ex: for localhost) or the keyword "any"  -->
  <Param Name="IP" Value="any" />

  <!-- UDP port used to receive TUIO messages (3333 by default) -->
  <Param Name="Port" Value="3333" />

  • The Screen parameter refers to the ID number of the TUIO-based display in the Topology section mentioned above.
  • The IP parameter indicates the IP address of the TUIO device. Leave value set to any if no IP address is defined.
  • The Port parameter refers to the network port though which the display's TUIO tracker will pass its events.


  • When you restart Composer or Player you might be warned by your firewall that the application is trying to establish a connection. Just accept it.
  • Composer and Player can be configured independently. For example, Composer can be configured for Windows 7 and the Player for a TUIO device.