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Update video drivers on a Windows PC


    As graphic intensive software, IntuiFace can put heavy demands on a Windows PC. Make sure your PC has the latest and greatest video drivers installed to ensure the best possible performance.

    Using the Windows "Device Manager" to automatically search for and update video drivers - or using the latest drivers validated by your PC manufacturer - is usually insufficient. The drivers located by these methods can be significantly older than the most recent versions released by the video card manufacturer

    The best option is to visit the website of your video card's manufacturer.


    • Some PC manufacturers will prevent the automatic installation of drivers they have not validated. To avoid this limitation - enabling you to install video drivers that could be much more recent than those validated by the manufacturer - download the updated driver from the video card manufacturer's website (see this section below) then use the Windows "Device Manager" to install the downloaded driver manually.
    • IntuiLab is not responsible for any adverse effects to your PC(s) caused by video driver updates. If you have any concerns or reservations, contact your IT department and request that they update the driver for you.

    Getting the latest video drivers for your PC


    For the latest NVIDIA drivers, visit this page


    For the latest AMD drivers, visit this page.
    Alternatively you may search Google using the following: site:support.amd.com driver <model>, replacing <model> with the model name and number of your AMD graphic card, such as "Firepro W4100"

    Intel HD Graphics

    For the latest Intel HD Graphics drivers, download and launch the Intel Driver Update Utility.

    The advantage of this Intel utility is you don't have to know which specific driver you require. The downside is this utility may not always find the absolute latest driver. (It usually does but it's not foolproof.) To find the absolute latest driver you would have to search Intel's driver download website.