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How can I determine if my touch device is working correctly?

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Testing the Touch Display

  • start Microsoft Paint
  • use two or more fingers to draw curves on the canvas (have a look at the following screenshot with Paint and 5 fingers applied on a multi-touch screen)


If the curves follow your fingers correctly the device is working as it should.

If your device is not working correctly, make sure your PC is properly configured for touch and gesture behaviors. See this article.

If you continue to have difficulty, let us know. Include the make and model of your touchscreen display.

Calibrating the Touch Display:

  • Tap the Windows Key to display Start menu
  • Search for "calibrate the screen for pen or touch input", and select it
  • In the Tablet PC Settings window, select the Calibrate button, as shown below


  • The screen will display lines around its perimeter, forming two boxes near the edge of the screen. Lines connect these boxes near each corner resulting in 16 intersections. Starting at the upper-left corner, use your finger to tap each intersection, which displays two short black lines forming cross-hairs as illustrated in the image below:


  • After you have selected each of the 16 calibration points, a box pops up asking whether you want to save the calibration data. Select OK.

TUIO devices

Use the test and calibration software provided by your vendor to verify that your device is working correctly.

NOTE: For Composer and Player to work with TUIO devices you must first update a configuration file. See this article for more information.