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Dual touch or multi-touch?

Touch devices leverage many different technologies and do not all present the same characteristics.

There is a simple way to categorize touch devices: dual touch devices and true multi-touch devices

Dual touch devices

Dualtouch devices are limited to the use of two concurrent contact points (two fingers for example).

Behavior can become erratic and give weird results if more than two contact points are used. As a result, dual touch devices are best suited for single user interaction. We do not recommend the use of dual touch for a multi-user experience.

Multi-touch devices

True multi-touch devices can manage more than two concurrent contact points (e.g. two hands or several users at once).

Multi-touch devices are generally more robust than dual touch devices but are also more expensive. Much of the cost is related to the supported number of concurrent touch points and the technology used by the display to detect each touch.

IntuiFace supports both dual touch and multi-touch devices

Experiences created with IntuiFace will run equally well on dual touch and multi-touch devices. However, the potential user experience on a multi-touch device is more rewarding as you can take advantage of a wider range of gestures, delivering a more natural user experience...

Nevertheless, all features provided by IntuiFace are available on dual touch devices. The limitations - e.g. less natural interactivity, reduced number of concurrent users - are imposed by the dual touch technology itself.