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Data collected by IntuiLab

IntuiFace Composer and Player will occasionally collect data that is then transmitted to IntuiLab for the purposes of improving IntuiFace. Data collection can be blocked but by doing so the following will not be possible:

  1. No ability to activate a license. There is an unofficial method for offline license activation but it is highly encouraged to permit license activation over the Internet.
  2. No ability to automate experience sharing
  3. No automated deployment; only manual deployment will be possible
  4. No ability to download IntuiFace's Sample experiences
  5. No automated notification when new releases become available
  6. No automatic license updates upon subscription renewal

To prevent data collection, either

  1. block intuifacecomposer.exe and intuifaceplayer.exe
  2. block access to https://myintuiface.intuilab.com
  3. block Port 443 entirely