Our support site has moved to https://support.intuiface.com

Communicating with IntuiLab Technical Support

    Scope of Technical Support

    IntuiFace support, conducted through our Support site - phone-based support is not available - includes:

    • Identifying and troubleshooting problems involving Composer and Player
    • Providing workarounds and solutions
    • Creating bug reports that are then included in our release management process
    • Providing resources and guidance on installation and configuration
    • Providing tips and best practices
    • Tuning the solution for performance and stability
    • Offering configuration assistance on your system and hardware

    To help you identify reported issues, we may ask you to


    Support can be conducted in English and French. If your interaction with Support requires that you share a complex IntuiFace experience containing a non-Latin language, we may ask you to send us a modified version of your experience containing English/French markers so we can troubleshoot without confusion.


    If you provide remote access to your PC and/or send experiences and other private information to the IntuiFace Support Team, IntuiLab commits to keeping all material confidential and will not share them with anyone.

    Hours of Operation

    The IntuiFace Support staff is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm Central European Time (CET - Paris Time). Here are representatives of that schedule in other time zones.

    • Los Angeles: 12am to 9am
    • New York: 3am to 12pm
    • London: 8am to 5pm
    • Delhi: 1pm to 10pm
    • Melbourne: 7pm to 4am (the next day)

    Support is unavailable on the following dates in the year 2018 due to national holidays:

    • January 1
    • April 2
    • May 1
    • May 8
    • May 10
    • May 21
    • August 15
    • November 1
    • December 25

    Working with Support

    Overall Communication

    When opening a ticket, keep a few things in mind:

    • Your question may have been asked by others or addressed in the online library, so make sure you search both before asking a question. It may get you to an answer much more quickly.
    • Focus on one issue per ticket. This will make it easier to have focused dialog about a particular topic.
    • It is very important for Support to be able to reproduce your issue. Be sure to share detailed steps for reproducing your problem. Give us a copy of your experience. Supplement with screenshots or short videos if possible. The more detail you provide, the faster a solution can be found.

    Ultimately, if your request is a question or a suggestion, we will answer the question or register the suggestion in our tracking system for a future release. If your request is an issue or a bug, we will offer you a workaround or - for critical issues – when possible, deliver a temporary software update that solves the issue, or include the issue resolution in one of our next software updates.

    Sharing your IntuiFace experience

    To best understand your issue, it is very helpful to have your experience in-house. There are multiple ways to make your experience available to us:

    1. Share your experience with Support. After you successfully publish your experience,
      share it with xp-for-support@intuilab.com
    2. Make a zip of your experience and upload the zip to IntuiLab’s anonymous FTP server. Use ftp.intuilab.com; login: Anonymous ; any password will work.
      • Place your experience in the uploads folder.
      • You will not be able to see the contents of the uploads folder for privacy reasons. If you do not see anything after uploading, don’t worry. We still have the files.
      • You cannot upload the same file more than once.
      • Tell us the name of your experience when the transfer is done.
    3. Use any file-transfer website to share your experience. Make a zip of your experience, upload it to the service of your choice and then share it with xp-for-support@intuilab.com.
    4. If the zipped version of your experience does not exceed 10MB, attach that zip file directly to the support thread.

    Screen Sharing

    If Support is unable to diagnose a persistent issue, you might be asked to participate in a TeamViewer session. This session enables Support to remotely view and interact with your PC.

    TeamViewer sessions will be scheduled during Support staff hours, starting no later than 5pm CET.

    To run a TeamViewer session, just download and double-click on the following executable: http://data.intuilab.com/support/TeamViewerQS.exe. A small dialog will provide you with an ID and Password. Provide both to Support and leave the executable running until Support informs you that their investigation has finished.

    Sending Error Logs

    IntuiFace Composer / Player generates logs, documents containing information about what is happening at any given moment. These logs exist to help the IntuiFace Development and Support teams better understand the events surrounding a bug or other unexpected result.

    You may be asked for forward your PC's Composer or Player logs to Support. Depending on IntuiFace version you are using, these logs can be found in the following folders:

    For IntuiFace 6 or higher versions:

    • C:\ProgramData\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Composer\Logs
    • C:\ProgramData\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Player\Logs

    For IntuiFace 5 version:

    • C:\ProgramData\IntuiLab\IntuiFace5\Composer\Logs
    • C:\ProgramData\IntuiLab\IntuiFace5\Player\Logs