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Use data tracking with marketing automation / CRM platforms

For years now, user selections on a website were captured by CRM and marketing automation platforms, enabling the creation/update of prospect records and the launch of marketing campaigns designed to do everything from generating new users to encouraging existing customers to increase investment.

Why can't this be done with IntuiFace-based interactive content as well? In fact, it can.

By structuring your design to either encourage or require user identification you can:

  1. Differentiate sessions, meaning you can differentiate the set of actions performed by User A vs. User B.
  2. Tag all actions taken by each user with their identification information.

Now you know every action taken by every user. The next step is to pump this data into your CRM or marketing automation platform.

There are two approaches in IntuiFace to forwarding data points to CRM/marketing automation platforms:

  1. Set up a Segment project that directly pumps data points into the platform of your choice.
  2. Have IntuiFace push the data into your own hosted database or a database IntuiLab hosts for you. In this case, you have separately arranged for your CRM/marketing automation platforms to get the relevant data.