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The IntuiFace Data Tracking Hub

Every time a data point is generated by a running IntuiFace experience - via either Composer or Player - it is forwarded to the IntuiFace Data Tracking Hub. (This assumes the device is online. If offline, data points are stored locally until connectivity is reestablished.)

The IntuiFace Data Tracking Hub is a safe, reliable and scalable database hosted in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Data is stored across a cluster of redundant servers, guaranteeing high availability and data integrity. Data transmission both to and from the Hub is secured via HTTPS (i.e. using SSL). Data on the Hub itself is not encrypted.

NOTE: All collected Data Tracking information is stored on Amazon S3 servers located in the United States.


Once one or more data points are stored on the Data Tracking Hub, you have various options for accessing the data:

  1. Download directly into Excel.
  2. Forward it to Mixpanel.
  3. Forward it to Google Analytics.
  4. Forward it to Segment.
  5. Download into any third party tool using a REST-based Web service query.
  6. Forward it any database of your choice.