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Forward data points using Segment


    Data points transferred from Composer and Player to the IntuiFace Data Tracking Hub can be forwarded directly to one or more Segment projects.

    Segment is third party software specialized in collecting data and forwarding it to virtually any analytics, marketing automation or data warehouse platform on the market. IntuiFace users have access to the hundreds of platforms supported by Segment.

    NOTE: IntuiLab has no formal relationship with Segment and does not provide support for their offering.

    Configuring IntuiFace to Forward Data Points to Segment

    1. Open the Data Tracking dashboard.
    2. Expand the Segment Connector option

    3. Click the button "Add Connector for Segment Project".

    4. Enter any name you wish in the Name field and, in the Write Key field, paste the write key for your Segment project (see next section).
      • Clicking the "How to find a write key" link will take you to a Segment page explaining where to find the write key.

    5. Click the Save button.
    6. Repeat Steps 3 thru 5 for each additional Segment project.

    Finding the Write Key for a Segment Project

    To forward data to a Segment project, IntuiFace needs to know that project's write key. [This section assumes you already have a Segment account and one or more Segment projects.]

    1. Log into Segment and then select the workspace containing one or more projects into which you want IntuiFace data points to be transferred.

    2. Select the corresponding project.

    3. Expand the "How to add Segment to your app... " on the left panel

    4. Copy the Write Key and paste it into Notepad (or some other tool used to save text).

    Toggling Data Processing for a Segment Project

    Once a connector exists for a Segment project, the connector can be toggled on and off using the slider labeled "Send data points to this connector".

    • OFF: From the moment this slider is toggled to OFF, no new data points arriving at the Data Tracking Hub will be forwarded to this particular Segment project.
    • ON: From the moment this slider is toggled to ON, new data points arriving at the Data Tracking Hub will be forwarded to this particular Segment project.

    Structure of Data Forwarded to Segment

    The following fields appear in all forwarded data points:

    • Timestamp: Contains the timestamp at the moment the Log Event action occurred.
      The date is formatted as [day]/[month]/[year]. The time recorded is for the UTC standard, equivalent to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
      NOTE: Be sure to verify that the time and time zone are properly set on each device running Player.
    • DeviceName: The name of the device running Composer/Player
    • Application: The name of the IntuiFace software running on the device. Values can be any one of
      • Composer
      • PlayerForWindows
      • PlayerForTablets
      • PlayerForKiosks
    • ApplicationVersion: The version of the IntuiFace application identified in the previous field.
    • PlayerTags: A list of all tags assigned to this instance of Player. If multiple tags exist, they will be separated by the pipe symbol: '|'.
    • OS: The name of the operating system on the device running Composer/Player. Values can be any one of:
      • Windows
      • iPad
      • Android
      • ChromeOS
      • SSSP [for Samsung SMART Signage Platform]
    • OSVersion: The version of the operating system identified in the previous field.
    • ExperienceName: The name of the IntuiFace experience that generated this data point.
    • UserID: Contains the Session ID if specified by the running experience. Could be blank.
    • SceneName: The name of the scene in which the data point was generated.
    • EventName: The name of the event specified in the Log Event action.
    • ElapsedTime: Contains a value only for the automatically recorded events "Scene Left", "Session Stopped" and "Experience Stopped". In all other cases this field will be blank.

    The following fields only conditionally appear:

    • Value: Only appears if using IntuiFace Version 5.1 or earlier.
    • Comment: Only appears if using IntuiFace Version 5.1 or earlier.
    • [Parameter Name]: Only appears if a parameter is associated with the event represented by this data point.
      • There will be as many columns as there are unique parameters across all data points forwarded to Segment.

    Translation of Parameter Values

    The value of a parameter as recorded in Composer/Player may be represented differently in Segment.

    Below, the parameter value is on the left, the representation of that value in Segment is on the right.

    • Foo -> "Foo"
    • "Foo" -> "\"Foo\""
    • 'Foo' -> "'Foo'"
    • 1234 -> 1234
    • 12.34 -> 12.34
    • 12,34 -> 1234
    • 12,34,56 -> 123456
    • 12,34,this -> "12,34,this"
    • 12,34, is my text -> "12,34, is my text"
    • "1234" -> "\"1234\""
    • True -> true
    • False -> false
    • 1234/12/12 -> "1234-12-12T00:00:00" (i.e year-month-dayTtime)
    • 1234-12-12T12:34:56 -> "1234-12-12T12:34:56"

    Additional Notes

    • If a Parameter value - the value of a parameter associated with the Log Event action - contains only numbers and one more more commas, the commas are deleted by Composer/Player before data point transfer . If the comma is meant to indicate decimal notation, use a binding converter to change the comma into a period.