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For users of the Analytics Interface Asset in Composer Version 5.1 or earlier


    This article is intended for those who used the Analytics interface asset first introduced in IntuiFace Version 4.7 and last available in IntuiFace Version 5.1.

    Summary of Changes

    The following are changes to how you worked in the past.

    • Data Tracking plans have been introduced. The number of data points you collect will determine the plan to which you must subscribe.
    • The Analytics interface asset is renamed. It is now named Data Tracking Interface Asset.
    • The "Report interaction" action has been replaced with the Log event action.
    • The Value and Comment fields have been eliminated, replaced with the ability to add an unlimited number of parameters (see next section)

    Summary of Enhancements

    • Use unlimited parameters for each logged event, maximizing the richness of reported information.
    • Automatic event capture for experience and scene start/stop, enabling you to measure dwell time.
    • Identify sessions so you can differentiate users.
    • Automated integration with Mixpanel and Segment, permitting data point transfer to virtually any analytics, marketing or data warehouse platform on the market.
    • Offline data point storage for devices that lose or don't have Internet connectivity.

    Transitioning to the new Data Tracking interface asset

    If using Composer/Player 5.1 or earlier

    We have preserved legacy access to that data through Excel. You'll find a link to that legacy download page on the Data Tracking dashboard in the Excel Connector section.

    If you've updated your experience(s) to Version 5.2

    1. The Analytics Interface Asset will be replaced by the Data Tracking Interface Asset.
    2. The "Report interaction" action will be replaced by the "Log event" action.
    3. If the "Report interaction" action has the structure: Key=[MyKey], Value=[MyValue], Comment=[MyComment],
      the "Log event" action will have the structure: EventName=[MyKey], ParameterName=Value, ParameterValue=[MyValue], ParameterName=Comment, ParameterValue=[MyComment].
    4. All logs generated by the "Report interaction action" will be reconfigured as data points. Use the same data access methods available to those using the new Data Tracking interface asset. You can read about the structure of a data point here.