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For IntuiFace Version 5.1 or earlier: Using the Analytics interface asset


    All events logged by the Analytics interface asset are stored in a cloud-hosted database managed by IntuiLab. This article explains how to use that asset in an IntuiFace experience.

    Adding the Analytics Interface Asset to an experience

    To add the Analytics interface asset to an experience, click its entry in the Interface Asset panel. This interface asset is globally accessible across all spaces so there is no need to add it more than once.


    How to log events

    Event logging requires two steps:

    1. Toggle on Collect Analytics

      After additing the Analytics interface asset to your experience, select it in the Interface Assets panel and then, in the Properties panel, verify that the Collect Analytics property is turned on. You only have to do this once; it impacts the entire experience.


    2. Call the Report Interaction action for each loggable event

      For each trigger corresponding to an event you wish to log, call the Report Interaction action of the Analytics interface asset.

    Using the "Report Interaction" action

    The Report interaction action of the Analytics interface asset is used to send logged events to the cloud-based analytics database managed by IntuiLab. It has three parameters:

    • Key: This is the name assigned to the event being logged.
    • Value: This is the value of the event being logged.
    • Comment: This is additional information you wish to store in the analytics database for this event.

    All parameters are optional and can be filled out directly or completed using information coming from other data sources through the use of binding.


    Data buffering limits

    Analytic records are buffered in memory and sent every 30 seconds to the IntuiFace server. The buffer size is limited to 100 records. If more than 100 records are collected on a given device in less than 30 seconds, or if the device is disconnected for a length of time during which more than 100 records are collected, only the last 100 records are retained. All previous records are lost.

    Exiting a running experience will force IntuiFace to send the remaining records in the buffer if they weren't uploaded already. If the server cannot be reached, these remaining records will be lost.

    Be sure to give your experience enough time to report all values before downloading data.

    A reminder: Enterprise Edition users can retrieve data collected over the past 365 days. Free and Pro Edition users can retrieve data collected over the last 24 hours.