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Data Tracking Plans for IntuiFace Player - FAQ

    Can I upgrade my Data Tracking plan before its renewal date?

    You can upgrade to any annual plan by clicking the "Upgrade" link at the top-left of the Data Tracking dashboard. The cost will be calculated as follows:
    Upgrade cost = Price of the new plan - (nb-of-days-left-on-current-plan x Price of your current plan / 365)

    In other words, you will be credited the value of the unused portion of your existing plan (Displayed as "Upgrade discount" in your cart).

    You cannot upgrade to a monthly plan.

    Can I downgrade my plan before its renewal date?

    Yes, you can downgrade a plan. To do so, visit the Data Tracking Plan pricing page and purchase the lower plan. We will automatically apply the prorated value of the unused portion of your current plan towards the cost of the new, lower plan. If any of that prorated amount remains after payment of the lower plan, it is forfeited. Your new, lower data point limit will be applied immediately.

    What happens when my paid Data Tracking subscription expires?

    Whenever a paid Data Tracking plan expires, the associated IntuiFace account is immediately dropped to the Free plan and its 1000 data points/month limit for IntuiFace Player.

    In addition, data points processed more than 30 days prior to subscription expiration will be removed from the Data Tracking Hub.

    If you intended to have automated subscription renewal but your credit card information was incorrect - or if you incorrectly cancelled subscription renewal - note that as a courtesy we store a small buffer of new data points just in case you renew. This is a size-limited buffer so a late renewal could still result in data point loss.

    What happens to data points collected beyond the limit of my Data Tracking plan?

    When you exceed 80% of your monthly plan limit, a warning email will be sent to the addresses listed on the Data Tracking dashboard. A second email is sent when the limit is reached.

    To keep data points collected above your plan limit, you must upgrade to a higher Data Tracking tier. The steps for upgrading are outlined here.

    As a courtesy, we store – but prevent access to - a fixed amount of data points above your limit in anticipation of the upgrade. If you upgrade before the end of the current data tracking month, the excess data points become accessible and additional data points can be collected. If you don’t upgrade, those excess data points are deleted.

    By default, it is the IntuiFace account holder of the Data Tracking plan who will be notified of events such as

    • First data point capture
    • Approach of monthly data point limit
    • Upgrade and downgrade confirmation

    Optionally, via the Data Tracking dashboard, you have the option of specifying one or more email addresses (separated by commas) to whom Data Tracking plan-related email should be sent. Make sure these email addresses are frequently monitored.

    What happens to Player if my IntuiFace Composer subscription or perpetual Composer MSU entitlement expires before the end of my Data Tracking plan subscription?

    As long as Player is licensed and your Data Tracking plan is active, your data points will continue to be processed.

    How do I cancel an IntuiFace Data Tracking plan subscription?

    The process is identical to that used for a Composer or Player subscription:

    1. Go to the online Account Management website and log in using your access credentials.
    2. View the My Licenses dashboard.
    3. In the “License Key” column, click on the link Cancel subscription for the Data Tracking plan.

    Can I get a refund?

    Yes, if you have collected no more than 1000 data points. Use the process defined here.

    All data points collected during the refunded period will be removed from the Data Tracking Hub.

    There are no refunds for upgrades or downgrades.

    What plan is a secondary account assigned when promoted to a primary account?

    Any time a secondary account is promoted to primary account status, this new primary account is enrolled in the Free Data Tracking plan with a limit of 1000/events per month for IntuiFace Player. It also has access to the last 30 days of data points collected while still a secondary account.