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Communicate with Ninja Blocks

    Introduction to Ninja Blocks

    IntuiFace enables you to communicate with connected objects, such as the Philips hue lights, through the use of Interface Assets. Here is another example: Ninja Blocks sensors.

    Of course, you can create your own Interface Asset if you use another kind of sensors, like Smarthings, MyFox, Nest, ...

    The Ninja Blocks interface assets are available in the Get More Design Accelerators panel.


    The Ninja 433 Kit contains the following objects:

    • Block: The device enabling connection between all devices in the area and the cloud.
    • Temperature / Humidity: Capture temperature and humidity.
    • Door bell: Notifies when a doorbell is rung.
    • Door Sensor: Notifies when a door is opened.
    • Motion Sensor: Notifies when motion is detected.


    Set up your Ninja Blocks

    For general help, please visit the Ninja Blocks support website.

    Before switching on the Block, take note of its serial number, located inside the black case as shown below.


    Create an account on the Ninja Blocks website, sign in and follow the Quick Start Guide steps.


    One you are done setting up your block and devices, your dashboard should look like the following.


    Last step: Get an API Access Token. In the Settings section, select the API tab then click on Enable API Access. Keep the generated key handy as you will need it later.


    You are now ready to start using your Ninja Blocks within IntuiFace.

    How to use it?

    Ninja Blocks Interface Assets are available via the Get more Design Accelerators panel. You can download the bundle which includes one Interface Asset per device. Just drag & drop them into your scene to instantiate a visual representation of a device. Select the IA to set required properties like the API token.



    Properties, Triggers & Actions

    Each Ninja Block Interface Asset has these common properties:

    • API Access Token: The key that enables IntuiFace to access your Ninja Blocks account.
    • Refresh Time (ms): The time between device queries for updated values.

    Nina Eyes


    • Eye color (hexadecimal): The color that appears in the LED eyes


    • Eye color is changed: Raised when Nina’s eye color is changed.


    • Set Color: Sets the color of Nina’s eyes.



    • Zone: A number between 1 and 15 that is physically set on the device
    • Channel: A number between 1 and 4 that is physically set on the device

    (The Zone and Channel properties are useful when two or more Temperature devices are paired to the same Block. Their default values should be "none" if only one Temperature device is paired)

    • Temperature (°F): The temperature in Fahrenheit scale
    • Temperature (°C): The temperature in Celsius scale
    • Relative Humidity (%): The relative humidity


    • Temperature (°C) has changed: Raised when the temperature changes. Measured in Celsius
    • Temperature (°F) has changed: Raised when the temperature changes. Measured in Fahrenheit
    • Humidity has changed: Raised when the humidity changes.

    Door Bell


    • RF data string (hexadecimal): Unique physical identifier


    • Doorbell is rung: Raised when the doorbell is rung.

    Door Sensor


    • RF data string (hexadecimal): Unique physical identifier


    • Door is opened: Raised when the door is opened.

    Motion Sensor


    • RF data string (hexadecimal): Unique physical identifier


    • Movement is detected: Raised when movement is detected.

    NOTE: To find the RF data string property for the door and motion sensors, visit your online Ninja Block dashboard and hover your mouse cursor over each registered sensor.