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Using Windows Folders As Dynamic Source for Collections

One of the simplest ways to ensure a collection is always displaying the most up-to-date content is to populate that collection with the contents of a folder on your Windows file system. Changes to contents within the Windows folder are reflected in the collection at runtime without requiring you to stop and restart your experience.

To do this, create a collection in the active scene using either a folder already added to your Content Library or by dragging a folder from Windows Explorer into the active scene (which also adds this folder to the Content Library). For a step by step explanation about how to add items into a collection, read this article.

The referenced folder is copied in its entirety into the IntuiFace project and it is this copy that is referenced by the collection, not the original folder. The location of the copy is as follows:

  • If your presentation is named New Presentation and is located in C:\Temp, and ...
  • If you have associated your Collection with a folder named Media....

... then that folder's contents are copied and placed into C:\Temp\NewPresentation\Files\Collection\Media (see the screenshot below).


Every time content is added to or removed from this folder AND the space is reloaded (either by leaving and returning to the space or by triggering the space's Reload action), the collection will update automatically.

If you wish to update, on a regular basis, the contents of folders bound to collections, share each folder copied into the IntuiFace project files and then use an FTP server to automate the upload of files into that folder.