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Item Picker


    The Item Picker is a collection that allows users to browse and select an asset in a scrolling list. For example, the Item Picker can be used to implement a color selector for an outfit.

    NOTE: Item Picker is only supported on Windows devices.


    Unlike most collections, the Item Picker collection is accessible via the Design Accelerators panel, found in the Ribon Panel menu or by pressing the Alt + D keys on your keyboard.


    You will need to select the "Get More Accelerators" button and search for the item picker and download this design accelerator.




    • Item width --> defines the width of items displayed in the Item Picker
    • Item height --> defines the height of items displayed in the Item Picker
    • Show curtain shadows --> toggle whether or not a graphic effect should be displayed on either edge of the collection to indicate that unseen content exists and can be scrolled into view
    • Show feedback --> toggles whether or not to display a graphic illustrating how to interact with this collection
    • Show icons --> displays "asset type" identification icons on the assets in the Item Picker

    Collection behavior:

    • Initial scroll effect --> reminds users that the collection is scrollable each time the scene is displayed
    • Soft move speed --> defines the soft move speed when items are scrolled
    • Elasticity --> defines the level of elasticity when repositioning the items
    • Recenter time --> defines the length of time it takes for a scrolled Item Picker to stop moving once the touch gesture is lifted
    • Initial focus item --> defines which item has focus when the scene is displayed

    Contained items behavior:

    • Allow interaction with item --> toggle whether or not an item can be interacted with. For example, if this property is turned on, touching a video in a collection can cause the video to play.
    • Tap item to open --> toggle whether or not a touch on an item will cause a copy of that item to open outside of its parent collection.
    • Drag and drop item to open --> toggle whether or not a drag-and-drop action on an item will cause a copy of that item to be opened outside of its parent collection.
    • Display items as thumbnails --> toggle whether or not the actual content - images, videos, etc. - should be replaced by thumbnail. Using thumbnails can improve performance if the content is very large.

    Triggers and Actions



    NOTE: The Open item action requires that the collection's Visible property be set to True and that the item to be opened is already scrolled into view. If the item is not yet scrolled into view, use the Scroll to or Scroll to an asset actions before calling Open item.