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Value to Color Converter


    The Value to Color converter enables you to convert a numeric value located within an input range into a color located within an output range. You can use this converter to animate a shape color between 2 color values, creating a nice grandient-like animated effect.


    • Start value: lower bound of the numeral input range
    • Start color: lower bound of the color output range
    • End value: upper bound of the numeral input range
    • End color: upper bound of the color output range

    In the example below, the Fill property of a rectangle shape is bound to the X property of an image. When the image is moving from the left side of the scene (X = 0) to the right side (X = 1920), the rectangle will go from a from a red to a blue color.



    Usage Samples

    Check the Design Trends Experience you can download for free in the Samples tab of the Experiences panel. You will see how we used this converter to change the background color while sliding the elements in the space. It's a great addition to the parallax effect.